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How to Increase Board Meeting Productivity

Board meetings are the ideal venue for productive discussions that help the company to achieve its goals. The best boards foster robust conversations and a wide range of viewpoints to provide innovative insights. However, meeting productivity isn’t always 100. Board members are often distracted by personal issues technology, personal issues or a lack of organisation when planning their meetings. It is crucial to identify the causes of unproductive board meetings to ensure that meetings are conducted smoothly.

The most common cause of ineffective board meetings is the repetition of the same issues. This is because board members don’t know the actions they are accountable for, or when they did not take action after previous meetings. To stop this from happening, it’s essential to take clear and concise minutes of board meetings.

Another issue that is often encountered is that members are drowned in long reports and other agenda items that are routine. This can cause members to lose interest and eventually check out. To reduce the length of meetings, it is recommended that you reduce the time spent on reports to only 25% and leave the majority for discussions on strategic issues.

Additionally, it is crucial that all attendees be prepared for the meeting prior to the event. To accomplish this the agenda, as well as any other relevant attachments should be shared with attendees before the meeting. By having all pertinent information in one centralized location, board members are more equipped for discussion and concentrate on the most important issues that are at hand.

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