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How to Prepare for a Meeting Successfully

There are some essential steps to ensure that you’re prepared for a successful meeting. Whether it’s a project planning meeting or an employee performance review, putting the time and effort into your preparation can make the difference between having a successful conversation and a wasted one.

Set your agenda, and provide any reading materials you’d like your attendees to read prior. Communicating these documents ahead of time will ensure that everyone has a good knowledge of the agenda and can contribute effectively. You can include them in your invitation or distribute them via internal communications. Be clear about what you consider essential to read and what’s useful to include.

Consider any obstacles that might be encountered during the meeting and develop a strategy for how to deal with the issue. Refraining from bringing these issues up in the meeting itself can result in many wasted meeting time as everyone tries to get up to speed on an issue that could have been addressed beforehand.

Don’t forget to create an efficient system for recording and sharing meeting minutes and other documents. This will keep the momentum following the meeting and ensure that all participants are aware of what was discussed and decided during the meeting.

Finalize the meeting with a list that includes key takeaways. This will allow everyone to feel confident about the next steps needed to advance the discussion or project along. This will be a great way to close the meeting and make everyone feel secure that they are part of a united team that can deliver on the goals.

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