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IMARC’s Report on the Virtual Data Room Market

A virtual data room (VDR) is an online repository used to store sensitive and confidential information. VDRs are generally employed by companies in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Cyber-attacks are on the rise and a lot of large corporations have adopted VDR solutions in order to reduce the threat of unauthorised access. VDRs are also a handy method of sharing confidential information with investors.

VDRs are primarily used by investment bankers. They employ them in capital raising and M&A which require a lot of data sharing. They can also help companies structure their data to discover patterns and trends that would otherwise be overlooked. Despite the widespread use of these large-scale enterprise users there are a myriad of small to medium-sized and independent companies that serve the market for VDR solutions.

In addition to a comprehensive set of features, many VDR providers offer competitive pricing structures. FirmRoom is a firm that focuses on complete price transparency, has a clientele that includes blue-chip firms like KPMG and JPMorgan Chase. Customers should select a solution that meets their business requirements as a field is still in its early stages.

The report by IMARC analyzes the global virtual data room market and provides deep analysis of market drivers, obstacles, and opportunities across the most important regional markets. It also includes Porter’s five forces analysis to assist stakeholders in assessing the growth potential of the market.

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