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Investment Fund Management Reports

The quality of investment management reports can be a significant aspect in attracting and maintaining clients. Investors want access to clear and concise information regarding a portfolio’s investment objective, risk level and costs together with performance metrics and holding details.

Based find on the type of business investors may also wish to see detailed information on the fees in dollars that they owe in their annual or semi-annual shareholder report. In the case of mutual funds, this may include a breakdown of total amount of fees that each shareholder pays and an explanation of how those fees were used to improve the performance of the portfolio.

Many companies may be unable to provide this information as part of a general performance report. The majority of investors hold their funds in omnibus accounts that are maintained by broker-dealers. To provide personalised fee information, a broker-dealer would need to create interfaces with the owners of these accounts in order to calculate and distribute such details to each shareholder.

Technology allows for these complex requirements for reporting to be met, without the need to redesign internal systems. Clearwater Analytics is an industry-leading SaaS solution that allows growth for over 1,100 customers, including pension plans, governments worldwide insurers, global insurance companies, and asset managers. Our platform is fully integrated with the industry-leading Broadridge’s Analytics Master Data Warehouse and is accessible via a web and mobile dashboard application. This enables the delivery of high-quality investment-performance-net-of-fees and other reporting outputs for both client and regulatory purposes.

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